Friday, April 20, 2007

First day of writiin my own blog

First day of writiin my own blog..
hiie.. welcome welcome.. kakax.. This is my second blog.. the first blog i forgotten the password and the username ady.. kakax.. i saw so many ppl writtiin blogs.. wanna ''kepo'' and write also.. keke.. but i guess.... i write few times i dun write dee.. cause i'm a laziie person.. hahaa.. err... wad to sae huh? err... talk bout skul.. hate teacher.. Pn. Tan.. mushroom head.. irritating, annoying, 38, crazy, simply scold ppl, pentan(stupid), pontan.. got alot..... dun wanna say her.. she ar.. this teacher shud be fired!! hahaa.. sorry ar.. i very bad want.. let me say all first.. kiie.. i'm a Pengawas Koperasi, Pn Tan is to jaga the Koperasi for wednesday and thursday.. me and jade's duty is on tuesday, wednesday and friday.. but den on thursday me and jade wanna go down for rehat 10mins earlier.. so we went down for rehat.. i finish my food when rehat time.. jade still sitting there eating and talking with Alisa and Jason.. so i just go Koperasi with Wei Teng( Teng Wei actually, a guy, I luv to change his name*giggles*) when v reached there.. Pn Tan call me go up and take the file for her.. so i just go up alone(second floor,teacher's office room) and take the file for her.. after taking it, gave it to her.. she say'' Michelle ar.. on my chair there got one bag, inside got one file, help me take down'' I was like okiie.. den i call Jade to teman me cause she was walkiin towards Koperasi there dee.. so i called her to teman me.. after helping Pn Tan to take her file.. pass it to her ady.. ''Michelle ar, up there my table got one file inside got PSS borang, help me take down'' i was like.. harh?!?!? stupid 1!.. want call ppl help you take thing take all together la.. one by one.. very free ar?!?! (sayin inside my heart la) hahaa.. i wasn't listening to her actually.. i jjust say ah ah ah okiie.. den i just went up wit Jade.. but den i forgot she say wad dee.. so i just simply take a file.. give it to her.. she scolded me., ''U noe wad is PSS borang anot?'' I was like.. ah.. she keep on scold scold scold.. jade look at me and say bla bla bla.. den we laugh laugh laugh but den we still need to take for her.. stupid betul.. went up..... take for her ady.. ice cream man came, need us to order ice cream.. Pn Tan call the girls all go back class, only 6 guys and 1 lady inside.. tsk tsk tsk... last time she scolded a girl say why u and 4 boys inside only.. later they rep u ar.. the boys was like harh?!?!? den all laughing.. den now..! she and 6 guys.. wow.. shud ask herself too.. hahhahaa.. b4 goiin back to class.. me and Jade kena scolding AGAIN! i so damn angry.. ppl help her still need to kena scolding from her and nvr even say thank you.. went back to class.. guess wad.. stupid pirashat a.k.a chicken, ayam terbakar, ayam kecil, and baka.. go and hit me.. shout shout shout.. i hit him back with bookss(tht's me).. hahhahaa..
wow.. that's alot.. hahaha.. i didn't noe i wrote so much.. if u dun wanna read den dun la.. hahhaha.. sorry if u pening or blurr dee..

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